The Ear Institute Center for the Ear, Hearing, & Balance is dedicated to providing patients with services for ear problems, hearing loss, dizziness and vertigo, falls prevention, balance testing and rehabilitation, and expert recommendations on hearing improvement.


Ear infections are common in childhood, and adults have ear problems too. Symptoms include: pain, drainage, hearing loss, and dizziness. Other common ear problems include: Eustachian tube problems, perforated eardrums, and cholesteatomas.
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Dizziness and vertigo (a sensation of spinning) may be due to inner ear disorders. The symptoms can be frightening and disabling. Our successful management approach involves a multidisciplinary team of doctors, audiologists, and balance therapists.
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Hearing loss is a common symptom, present in all age groups. One third of individuals aged 65-75 have hearing loss. Hearing loss is a medical problem, and should be evaluated by a physician. There are solutions, including: medicine, surgery, and hearing aids.
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    • Patient lost ear to cancer, but silicone ear is ‘indistinguishable’ from real thing

      MAYWOOD, Ill. – To look at Henry Fiorentini’s artificial right ear, you could never tell he lost his real ear to cancer.

      Loyola University Medical Center ear surgeon Sam Marzo, MD, fitted Fiorentini with a prosthetic ear that looks just like the real thing. Marzo implanted three small metal posts in the side of Fiorentini’s head. Each post is fitted with a magnet. The silicone prosthetic ear also is magnetized, so it sticks to the metal posts.

      But even more remarkable to Fiorentini is the delicate surgery Marzo performed to successfully remove the cancer, without harming the facial nerve. Other doctors had told Fiorentini it couldn’t be done.

    • Causes of hearing loss and their preventions

      Hearing loss, if it is not congenital or caused by too much exposure to noise, can be brought on by ear infections. According to local studies, ear infections affect 18 percent of the population, and about 8.8 percent of Filipinos are hearing-disabled—defined as when hearing impairment affects your education or employment.

    • Treatment that Works for Ringing in the Ears!

      Ever been told that there is “nothing to do” for that annoying ringing or buzzing sound in your ears?  Not true!  Patients report excellent relief from the Zen program from Widex and the custom-built Neuromonics device.  Both available at The Ear Institute.  Call for your consultation today!