Hear Well, Balance Well, Be Well

The Ear Institute, Center for the Ear, Hearing, & Balance is dedicated to providing adult and pediatric patients with treatment for any and all ear-related health problems. Our areas of service expertise include: medical and surgical treatment for ear disease, hearing evaluation, physician-driven recommendations on hearing amplification, balance testing, medical and surgical treatment of dizziness, balance rehabilitation and falls prevention management.

Mission Statement

Our focus is to bring people to good heath, through improved health of their ears, hearing and balance. We strive to cure our patients’ ear maladies, solve their communication difficulties, and right their balance challenges. In doing so, we help our patients to confidently enjoy richer, more fulfilling lives by participating with their families and the world around them.

How We Are Unique

The Ear Institute is the only comprehensive ear care clinic in the Desert. We specialize in the treatment of any and all ear-related problems, and care for pediatric and adult patients. By having an ear physician, audiologist, and vestibular therapist all under one roof, patients can have all of their needs taken care of with a single visit. We have gathered together a team of seasoned experts, who between them have over 50 years’ experience in ear-related disorders. The Ear Institute is proud to be under the directorship of Dr. B. Maya Kato, the only ear physician (otologist) and surgeon in the Coachella Valley. Dr. Kato’s hand-picked team of expert audiologists and vestibular therapists have been selected for their strong track record of success, and demonstration of compassionate patient care. These qualities make The Ear Institute stand alone in its depth and breadth of services.

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