Happiness and Hearing

February 6, 2017

Research shows that those who treat their hearing loss have a significantly improved quality of life than those who don’t seek treatment.

Untreated hearing loss is linked to a number of debilitating conditions including balance disorders, depression and even cognitive decline. Those who treat their hearing loss with hearing devices, however, report improvements in their overall health and mood.

Here are some potential benefits of treating your hearing loss:

  1. Improved outlook on life. Those who use hearing devices are less likely to feel isolated or socially withdrawn, decreasing the risk of depression.
  2. Improved relationships. Both those who begin to wear hearing devices and their loved ones regularly report feeling that they have improved communication, which leads to strengthened relationships.
  3. Feeling optimistic & engaged. People with hearing loss who use hearing devices are more likely to be optimistic about the world and feel engaged in life’s pleasures than those who don’t seek treatment.
  4. More active. Those who use hearing aids are more willing to actively face and tackle problems that arise.
  5. Lightened cognitive load. Experts say that unaddressed hearing loss increases stress on the brain as it struggles to process sounds. This leads to poor memory and performance in everyday activities. Treating hearing loss allows your brain to focus the way it is meant to, without getting distracted by ambient noise.