Hearing Aid Styles

Hearing aids come in a variety of styles, giving patients flexibility in size, cosmetic appearance, and where the device is worn. Depend on the severity of your hearing loss, you’ll be able to choose from any of the hearing aids listed below.

BTE Hearing Aids

BTE (Behind The Ear)

BTE hearing aids fit behind the ear; sounds are transmitted through a tube to a custom ear mold that rests inside your ear canal. Their large size makes them a good choice for those with dexterity issues. Recommended for patients of all ages – children included – with mild to profound hearing loss.

RITE Hearing Aids

RITE (Receiver In The Ear)

Similar to BTEs, but the receiver sits inside the ear canal. Smooth sound quality with little or no distortion. Suitable for those with mild to moderately severe hearing loss.

RITE Hearing Aids

Open Fit

Small BTE hearing aids that utilize a thin tube to deliver sound to a tiny speaker that fits partially in the ear canal. This produces a more natural sound without the distraction of occlusion. Their small size will appeal to those concerned with visibility issues. These are perfect for patients with mild to moderate high frequency hearing loss.

ITE Hearing Aids

ITE (In The Ear)

ITE hearing aids consist of a custom ear mold that perfectly fits the outer ear. Individuals with moderately severe hearing loss can benefit from ITE hearing aids.

CIC Hearing Aids

CIC (Completely In the Canal)

CIC hearing aids are the least visible of all styles because of their small size. They fit deep inside the ear canal and while they will appeal to those wishing to conceal their condition, the tradeoff is a limited number of features and options due to their size. Recommended for people with moderately severe hearing loss.