New Technology for Effortless Hearing: A “Unique” Perspective

February 8, 2016

November 2015 Hearing Aid Review

Numerous studies were available in the last few years to support a strong relationship between cognition and hearing.1 What is noteworthy from these studies is that the type of amplified sounds could place different levels of cognitive demands on the impaired ears.2,3 Thus, a reasonable objective in hearing aid design is to deliver amplified sounds that require the least effort from the hearing aid wearers to hear satisfactorily in all listening environments, regardless of their cognitive capacity. We term this design objective Effortless Hearing. The goal is that hearing-impaired people hear more of what they want (to hear) and less of what they don’t.

The UNIQUE, a new hearing aid from Widex, is designed to provide effortless hearing by addressing the nuances hearing aids need to capture and process for patients’ unique, individualized listening needs. – See more at: